Mixed-ish” is a show designed to actually denigrate biracial identity. We are told at the beginning that the parents were “hippies” and lived with the kids on a commune where, according to eldest daughter Rainbow, she did not know about “race” or popular culture (even TV or movies). The implied message is that official interracial couples are unrealistic and don’t know what they are doing. It also feeds into the “What about the children?” argument against interracial marriage by making the kids totally clueless about American society. They also have the parents giving their kids stupid names like “Rainbow” and “Santa Monica.”

The black aunt in the show heavily pushes a pro-black identity agenda with no one pushing back. The kids have referred to themselves as “black” but nothing else. The white father is a feckless, unemployed college dropout while the black mother has a law degree from Berkeley. This feeds into the stereotype that only “inferior” whites would marry a “black” and even a “superior” black can only get the lowest “white” for a spouse.

The Oct. 29, 2019 show claimed to condemn “tokenism” but in reality endorsed the racist idea that mixed-race part-black people should be “superior blacks” (in contrast to the “inferior” real ones?) in order to “prove” to “whites” that “blacks” are not “inferior.” The “white girls” presented as the villains of that episode received a bum rap. They are condemned for liking Rainbow because she is culturally white and similar to them. Rainbow’s black aunt them guilt-trips her into accepting the racist myth that whites should view all “blacks” as the same. The poor fool Rainbow then drags a sullen, white-hating, black girl to the white girls and insists that they be “friends” with the girl (who clearly does NOT want to be friends with them). The writers make it clear that the white girls are supposedly guilty of “racism” for finding the friendly, culturally white and biracial Rainbow a better social choice than a ghetto-type black for whom all whites are “the enemy.” Those familiar with black behavior towards mixed-race, part-black people will recognize in this episode the obsessive black racial jealously that makes many of them wild with anger at the thought of mixed-race people being “better” than they are or deemed more attractive by whites and others. Going back to antebellum times, blacks love to condemn whites for “racism” when they give preference to the mixed-race (who are, after all, their kin) and (self-righteously) when they don’t. Nearly every mixed-race girl who has had to go to school with blacks has been accosted by jealous, violence-prone black girls with the accusation, “You think you’re cute!” We know what is happening when the “Rainbow” character in “Mixed-ish” is condemned for the advantages her white ancestry and culture have given her AND expected to defend and rehabilitate the reputation of blacks who have no intention of lifting a finger to improve themselves.

The November 12, 2019 episode of “Mixed-ish” had another foolish “moral.” When white Grandpa Harrison Jackson invites the family to his country club, the children and adult relatives are enjoying themselves when Rainbow and her black Aunt DeeDee (of the ghetto mannerisms) are questioned by security employees regarding their presence at the club. Grandpa quickly confirms that they are his guests and it is all a misunderstanding. No problem. That is how civilized people handle conflict. They try to smooth over misunderstandings and not create a scene. However, the writers hypocritically condemn Grandpa Harrison for NOT making a scene (as ghetto Aunt Dee wished to do) and white hippie Dad makes the “moral” decision that the family will never return to the country club despite the fact that the children were enjoying themselves. What is especially ridiculous here is that earlier in the episode the parents were boasting about having participated in lunch counter sit-ins for integration and “marching with Dr. King.” Needless to say, those political activities involved going where they were not wanted AND being willing to face insults and violence. Yet, a polite and non-violent encounter with some of the club’s security employees outrages hippie Dad so much that he vows never to return to the “all white” club with his family. What kind of integration is that? What kind of cowardice is that? Later, Grandpa Harrison is pressured by his son to resign from the club. What does that accomplish except keeping the club all white?

Oh, yes. We are also told in that episode that hippie Dad Paul gave Rainbow her mother’s surname of Johnson because he wanted to “prove” he’s a “feminist.” The real message he’s sending to the public, especially in view of Rainbow’s mulatto status, is one of bastardy for his child. That is actually far more “racist” than anything Grandpa did.

Once again, “Mixed-ish” presents totally ridiculous and convoluted moral values. The November 19, 2019 episode resurrects the “one drop rule” nonsense that mixed whites “tainted” with any of the dreaded “black blood” are really “secret blacks” and unworthy of the great honor of their own European ancestry. The audience is told that every black-blood-tainted mixed white has some kind of moral obligation to make a public announcement of it. Why? Forced identification is a mark of inferiority. Hollywood is overflowing with people who don’t care to publicize their “inferior” Jewish, Slavic, Hispanic, Asian, etc. ancestry. Talk about hypocrisy! Are the black and black-identified idiots still too stupid to understand that calling a person who “looks white” a mere “secret black” who is only “passing as white” is a validation of black genetic inferiority? They can’t proclaim themselves as good as whites while using their power to claim mixed whites and other non-blacks for their “race.”

Make no mistake. “Mixed-ish” is NOT a celebration of being racially mixed. It is thinly disguised pro-hypodescent* propaganda.


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