Anatole Broyard, Bliss Broyard and the “One Drop Rule”

Anatole Broyard, Bliss Broyard and the “One Drop Rule”

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Bliss Broyard could have effectively destroyed the “one drop” myth if she had stood up for her father (who had far more right to call himself “white” than Obama has to call himself “black”).   Instead, she chose to ally with the foremost advocate of the “one drop” myth (forcing a “black” racial classification upon predominately white or otherwise nonblack people), Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (“Skip” Gates).  Too many “blacks” like Gates have a barely concealed belief that “white genes” must be forced into the “black race” if said “race” is to “prove” itself equal to “whites.”  Note the contradiction there, but “blacks” like Gates are never called on it.  Furthermore, the obvious “black genes” in Hispanics and Arabs are tacitly ignored.  No one wants to insult them by pointing out their kinship with the “blacks.”  Bliss Broyard herself noted that her father’s first wife, a Puerto Rican (wrongfully identified as “black” by many black writers), considered herself, her husband and in-laws to be “white.”  Sounds good to me.  If Obama can claim that he is “black” because he “looks black,” then anyone who “looks white” is “white.”

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