Comment on Sonia Sotomayor and “Race”

Comment on Sonia Sotomayor and “Race”

June 7, 2009 at 10:41pm

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Notice that despite all the insults thrown at Sonia Sotomayor, no one has called her “black” or called attention to her obvious African ancestry. She is of Puerto Rican parentage. Everyone in Washington knows that Puerto Ricans are basically a “mulatto” people (like Dominicans). Why are they keeping quiet about her possibly becoming the FIRST WOMAN OF AFRICAN DESCENT on the U.S. Supreme Court? Doesn’t everyone know? If she looked totally white but were of Anglo or Creole ancestry, she would be under great pressure to declare herself “black” and give undeserved glory to that “race.”
The “taint” of even partial sub-Saharan African ancestry is still (quietly) a shame and disgrace that polite people don’t mention when certain groups (Hispanics, Arabs, etc.) have made it clear that they DO NOT want to be classed with “African Americans.” Yet, partially black Creoles and Anglos are supposed to renounce their European ancestry and heritage and pretend to be “proud” of the “one drop” stigma when not even mentioning SSA ancestryis accepted as the way to show respect to Hispanics, Arabs, etc.
If you’re dumb enough to think this is a demand to call Sotomayor “black,” then you’re part of the problem.  It’s a demand that Anatole Broyard, Jean Toomer, Belle Da Costa Greene and others denounced as “passing for white” by liberals and blacks be treated with the same respect shown to Hispanics and others who don’t have the misfortune to be “too American.”

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