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Pissing on the Graves of Heroes: The Racial Desecration of Calvin Clark Davis

Pissing on the Graves of Heroes
(With the US nearly always at war, this protest is especially appropriate)

By A.D. Powell

Everyone agrees that Calvin Clark Davis of Bear Lake, Michigan was an American hero of World War II. Everyone agrees he deserves to be posthumously honored for his service in helping our nation defeat the murderous, racist tyrannies of the Third Reich and Imperial Japan with The Purple Heart, World War II Victory Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, Good Conduct Medal, American Defense Service Medal, Air Medal, and Distinguished Flying Cross. Everyone agrees that the heroic Davis joined the Army Air Force, completing 50 missions against the Japanese. Transferring to Europe at his own request, Davis became a radio operator aboard a B-17 bomber. He died Nov. 30, 1944, along with other members of his crew, while attacking the oil refineries in Merseburg, Germany.

However, his country has chosen to “honor” him by pissing on his grave, labeling him with racist descriptions comparable to the Third Reich’s terminology of “non-Aryan” and “untermensch.”

The war hero Calvin Clark Davis, we are told:

  • “passed for white.” (Traverse City Record-Eagle)
  • He had to “lie about who he was.” (Traverse City Record-Eagle)
  • He “claimed to be white.” (Traverse City Record-Eagle, Chimes, student newspaper of Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI)
  • He “pretended to be white” (BBC News, Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, The Holland Sentinel)
  • He “concealed his race” (Rep. Peter Hoekstra, R-Holland, MI)
  • He was a “light-skinned black man” (Rep. Peter Hoekstra, R-Holland, MI, Chimes, BBC News, Associated Press, Los Angeles Times)
  • He was one of the “blacks who passed themselves off as white” (Chimes, Associated Press, Los Angeles Times)
  • He “faked being white” (Associated Press, Los Angeles Times)
  • He was a “black man who pretended to be white” (The Holland Sentinel)
  • He was a “light-skinned black” (The Holland Sentinel)
  • He was “African-American” (Traverse City Record Eagle)
  • He was a “‘white’ black airman” (BBC News)

We can thank the Traverse City Record-Eagle (Michigan) for at least using the term “multi-racial” to describe Davis instead of the odious, disgusting racist oxymoron, “light-skinned black.” The multiracial movement is making some progress. Unfortunately, the news sources quoted above almost seem to be in competition as to who can insult Davis (and, by inference, all other multiracial whites) more.

As usual, before we blame “white” racists or “black” ones, the fault for initiating this racist travesty lies with a multiracial person who is devoted to the myth that any amount of “black blood” makes even a predominately European-descended person too inferior for the supposed honor of his own ancestry. Calvin Murphy, a cousin of Davis who never met the man, lobbied U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Holland and Rep. John Conyers, D-Detroit, to posthumously “honor” Davis by awarding the medals he earned to surviving family members. However, the “honor” is forever tainted by linking it with a racist description of Davis as “black” — a description he rejected during his lifetime.

The medals were awarded during a “Black History Month” celebration for a man who was not black. Several hundred students attended to be indoctrinated into the mysteries of the “one drop” myth and the implied inferiority of white persons with “black blood.” Rep. Peter Hoekstra thinks that Davis made a “very difficult personal sacrifice” in order to serve his country. No, Rep. Hoekstra isn’t talking about Davis’ combat service or his death in battle. He claims that identifying as “white” was somehow a “very difficult personal sacrifice.” Of course, in Rep. Hoekstra’s eyes, this is only a “sacrifice” for persons tainted with the stigma of partial “black” ancestry (without the “escape hatch” of Hispanic or Arab ethnicity to protect you, of course).

Like the late New York Times book critic and author, Anatole Broyard, Davis was “blackened” after his death. Davis’ case is also comparable to that of another military hero, Captain Michael Healy of the United States Revenue Cutter Service (now the U.S. Coast Guard), a white multiracial Irish-American who was proclaimed an “African American” and “black” decades after his death so “blacks” could claim a hero. Reared in the rural northeastern Michigan village of Bear Lake, Davis was a man of predominately European ancestry living among other European-Americans. He was not treated differently from anyone else. Is it so surprising then, that Davis would identify as “white”? He sure wasn’t black or Negro. Just as in Broyard’s case, ignorant fools claim multiracial whites who identify with their European heritage are passing, lying, pretending, concealing, faking their “true race.” They even try to claim that the victim never considered himself white when all the evidence points in the opposite direction. This is somewhat like saying that a movie star really loves you only she has to hide it from her fans. When an individual does that, everyone agrees he needs professional help. When it’s done in the name of the “black race,” such delusions are presented as both real and noble. You can be sure that the people choosing to “honor” Davis as “black” wouldn’t dare to “insult” a Hispanic or Arab with that word, even if the latter showed buckets rather than undetectable drops of the supposedly super-dominant “black blood.” For some of us, there seems to be no honor in being too American.

In order to please alleged blacks and honor the “one drop” myth of hypodescent so dear to American blacks, Davis has been racially kidnaped and raped — posthumously — in the name of being “honored.” Would any of the people who have so “honored” him dare to “honor” a Jewish-American war hero as a brave “non-Aryan” whose deeds proved the equality of “Aryans” and “non-Aryans”? Of course not! Jewish-Americans are smart enough to recognize the insult in using that racist terminology — no matter how sugar-coated. Honor Calvin Clark Davis the war hero, but don’t piss on his grave by labeling him “black.”